PromiseLand Children’s Program
A fun place where kids get to know God in a safe environment!

We believe that children are some of the greatest blessings God has given us. Please know that you are welcome to keep your children in the worship service with you. If they get a little fussy, please know that we have all heard fussy children before! Trust us, you won’t get any mean stares. But if your child starts getting louder and won’t quiet down, we just ask that you step out of the sanctuary with your child and the fussiness clears. No worries!

A Nursery is available for children up to age of 3.

PromiseLand is available for children, ages 3-6.

Our Promise to the parents:

      • To provide a safe, bright, and clan environment in order to promote enthusiasm and learning for your child.
      • To serve you, the parent, by allowing you to enjoy the worship service without worrying about the well-being of your child.
      • To use adults and teen assistants to teach your children about Jesus while providing a model for Christian growth.
We keep our children, age 7 and up, in the Worship Service so they can experience the same service as you do. We encourage you to talk with your children about what they experienced so you can have a significant role in their “Sunday Worship.” Don’t worry, our Pastor communicates in a way that all age-groups can learn!