Meet the Pastor

Pastor Ken’s Story


God and his church has been a part my life from birth on up. My first year at college, however, was a real eye-opener. My faith was challenged for the first time. I didn’t have answers to some questions that I was beginning to ask. That was the greatest thing that could have happened to me. It caused me to search for some answers and the great news was that the Bible had answers for the questions I was asking.

Jesus said that we are to love God with all of our mind. A life lived in faith in Jesus didn’t mean I had to turn off my brain. God wants us to love him thoughtfully with our mind. That really rejuvenated my love for God and my desire to honor him with every part of my life.

During my 5th year at George Mason, I met Donna who had just graduated from Frostburg State in western Maryland. Due to my Hollywood-like good looks, how could she resist me? Actually, I fell for her immediately and prayed like mad that she might be interested in me. She was. Thank God for the power of prayer! We were married in 1994 while we were both taking Graduate Courses. I received a Master of Divinity degree at Capital Bible Seminary and Donna received a Master of Social Work at Catholic University. Our son Joshua was born in 1998 and Nathan was born in 2001.

Our faith has not kept us from having problems in life. We’ve had our share! But our faith has helped us through the difficult times. As my wife and I look over our lives, we see God at work, using circumstances and the people around us to deepen our relationship with him. Through our faith in Jesus we’ve found a hope and purpose in life that we didn’t have before. We love helping others connect more deeply with God.