About Grace

About Grace Brethren Church

It’s interesting that when Jesus was living on the earth, almost everyone felt welcomed and comfortable around him, regardless of their previous lifestyle or reputation.  People whom didn’t like being around him were religious people!

Experience At Grace, we want to follow Jesus’ example. Everyone is welcome, but if robes, rituals, rules, and organ music are important for your worship experience, you probably won’t be very comfortable at Grace.

Music Since it’s the lyrics and not the musical style that matters to God, we use everything from rock to Bach to sing God’s praise.

Messages We believe that the Bible is God’s letter to the human race. The Bible contains so much wisdom that is relevant for our lives today. Since the messages that Ken shares each week are based on the Bible, they are both practical and relevant for day-to-day living.

During the week Community Groups meet during the week in people’s homes. These small groups of people usually get together weekly. They read the Bible together, learning to put it into practice in real life. They encourage each other and share life with each other, making friends that last a lifetime.

Sunday Mornings We get together at 10:45 a.m. for a time of worship. We sing some songs, and hear a message that usually makes us laugh and think.

We believe Jesus Christ was and is God, and that an amazing spiritual life is available to everyone through faith in him.

Grace is a part of the Fellowship of Grace Brethren churches. There are almost 300 Grace Brethren Churches in the U.S. and many more around the world.