Meet the Pastor’s Family

Pastor Ken and his Family

Ken and his wife Donna have two incredible boys. Josh is 10 and Nate is 7. We still can’t believe the joy they bring to our lives (and the number of doctor visits!).

Ken loves his wife more than anyone in the world. He is a die-hard Redskins and Wizards fan and loves playing basketball and volleyball. He’s been trying to learn the guitar for a couple of years now and has just started learning to whittle (who says Cub Scouts is just for boys?). He tries not to watch a lot of television, but he’s really into the show ’24’ and watches ‘The Simpsons’ when his wife or kids aren’t around. Yard-work is a double 4-letter word to him, so his lawn is always a work in progress.

Ken crammed 4 years of education into 5 years at George Mason University, getting an almost useless degree in Psychology. From there he went on to a much more productive time at Capital Bible Seminary, in Lanham, Maryland.